As founder and host of the Absinthe Affair web broadcasts, Atticus oldman engaged in a personal mission to raise awareness of the rich and diverse range of music played, shared and enjoyed by Steampunks across the Multiverse.. And beyond!

For over eight full years, The Absinthe Affairs o’ Atticus Oldman, was one of the most popular Steampunk themed web radio shows broadcast from the UK. The two hour long weekly music show developed a loyal following not only amongst listeners, but also including many bands, musicians and performers from across the international Steampunk creative community.

The Absinthe Affair 2024
Broadcast from deep within the clockwork heart of Auld Aether Reekie, The Absinthe Affair has been a stalwart supporter of music played and produced by the international Steampunk community, for almost a full decade.

Originally hosted by Atticus Oldman and now Artemus Deadman, the Absinthe Affair broadcast series is now exclusively available via Artemus Deadman online!

Best Listening: Click Here to open Media Player at in new tab – You can then browse whilst continue  to listen to the Absinthe Affair!

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