I am currently fundraising to raise the money needed to take the Artemus Deadman persona to the next level – A level simply unique here in Scotland. I am therefore setting up a special page on my Steampunkery website where folk who which to support this exciting new chapter can make donations of any amount they choose directly via PayPal (with no PayPal account required to donate).

In addition to enhancing the Artemus Deadman persona – The items purchased will also add an atmosphere of magical otherworldliness to hosted tours. A further use will be to include the items as props in table based storytelling sessions featuring both original tales and ancient Scottish myth and folklore.” – Wullie Steele (Artemus Deadman)

What You Are Helping Create!
Without giving too much away – Imagine if you will if watching me..

Lighting and extinguishing a candle without touching it or even being near it!

Transferring a flame from a candle into my hand and then returning it without even actually touching the candle!

Making a bell ring repeatedly as required – Untouched and from a distance!

Levitating a wedding or commitment ring from a table onto the ring fingers of the couple being united!

Moving documents or written vows from a distance and/or levitating them from afar!

Making easily lifted objects become increasingly heavy until they must be lowered to a table or making objects such as wine glasses too heavy to raise.. Until I release the force that holds them down!

..And that is just a brief and bare outline of the potentials and possibilities that can become certainties with your support.

Patrons & Supporters!
Due to the wonderful support from dear friends across the Steampunk Community the funds required to pay for a range of services, and to obtain and care for UV contact lenses for a full year has already been raised – My sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks to everyone listed below for their generous donations!

A. P
from S. J
S & H
Lady Davros
Jenna & Marco
Scott & Hazel
Mysterious Benefactor

How To Donate!
A complete list of supporters will be made available as soon as donations start to be made and will be featured via a special “Thank You” page!

You can make donations directly by way of my Steampunk Almanac PayPal secure payment system via the button provided below..