Atticus Oldman (AKA Wullie Steele) is an artist, broadcaster and event host working from deep within the wynds and vennels of the living heart of Clockwork Caledonia’s ancient capital Auld Aether Reekie.

A life long passion for victorian art & culture combined with a flare for the theatrical and creative eventually developed into the establishment of Steampunk Almanac in 2012 as an online resource for Steampunk themed creative projects. Over the years the Almanac also hosted a wide selection of real world activities and live events both in Edinburgh and far beyond.

As founder and host of the Absinthe Affair web broadcasts, Atticus has engaged in a personal mission to raise awareness of the rich and diverse range of music played, shared and enjoyed by Steampunks across the Multiverse.. And beyond!

More recently the Steampunk Almanac has evolved to become Steampunkery.Org and this new website, alongside the Behind The Goggles show on Subgenres TV Network, has continued the original mission to support and help raise awareness of Steampunk – Both in the UK and at an international level!