Originally from a small steel town on the west coast of Scotland, Wullie Steele is an artist, broadcaster, event facilitator and digital educator based in the south west of Scotland’s capital.

After a long career in community web development, digital arts and adult education – Wullie decided to pursue his life long passion for victorian art and culture. Combined with a flare for the theatrical and creative, this soon developed into in the creation of the Steampunk persona Atticus Oldman.

Over the last ten years, Atticus Oldman has become a well known figure in both the UK and international Steampunk community. In addition to assisting with the development and management of some of the largest events and weekend festivals across the UK, working under this persona, Wullie has also brought many steampunk bands to Scotland’s capital including Professor Elemental, Victor Sierra, Frenchy and The Punk and The Wattingers.

As founder and host of the Absinthe Affair web broadcasts, Wullie has long engaged in a personal mission to raise awareness of the rich and diverse range of music played, shared and enjoyed by Steampunks across the Multiverse and beyond. For almost eight full years, The Absinthe Affairs o’ Atticus Oldman, was one of the most popular Steampunk themed web radio shows broadcast from the UK. The two hour long weekly music show developed a loyal following not only amongst listeners, but also including many bands, musicians and performers from across the international Steampunk creative community.

2022 saw Wullie host the first series of ‘Behind the Goggles’ on the Subgenres TV Network. The show featured interviews and conversations with artists, musicians, writers and makers from across the international steampunk community. A second series is planned for winter 2023, once suitable new equipment has been acquired.

After a short sabbatical, Wullie’s cult web radio show ‘The Absinthe Affair’ will shortly be returning to the airwaves. In addition – The first full season of his ‘Behind the Goggle’ web tv show can be viewed via subgenres.ca

Over the last few years, Wullie has been operating as a ghost-walk tour guide with the world famous ‘City of The Dead’ tour agency. This has led to the creation of a new dreadpunk style persona with glow in the dark eyes and a raven winged hat.

This new persona of Artemus Deadman (or rather A. Deadman) has been such a success with those participating on the tours, the role is rapidly becoming Wullie’s main source of income generation.

Now looking to move into full time tour guiding, Wullie has developed this website to showcase his diversity of talent and the wide range of skills he can bring to an interested organisation.